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NYE - be safe!

Hey all! I know it's been awhile since I last posted on the blog, but I feel that today is as good as any to talk about drinking and driving. Since it is NYE and either you're off work and starting early or going out tonight, you should make sure you have a designated driver. If you think you're going to be drinking at all, have a DD. You don't want to have a bad start to 2019. Which brings me to earlier this year. The beginning of March, I got a DUI. I had attended a beer fest in Lawrence, told myself I wouldn't drink that much but unfortunately I drank that much and then decided to drive back home, to KCMO. I made an incredibly stupid decision. Want to know how much a DUI costs? Let me break it down for you: Bail - $500 Lawyer fees - $2000 (still owe $396) Diversion fees - $310 8 hour drug/alcohol class - $150 Diversion monitor - $150 MADD victim panel - $40 Interlock - $70/month UA's - $16 (each time you go) Restricted license - $100 So