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Kansas City Bier Meisters, more than just a club

Six months of planning, organizing, and anticipation comes to end during the Kansas City Bier Meisters competition. This year was the KCBM 36th Annual competition - yes 36 years, and it was such an honor to come out Saturday to Crane Brewing to check it all out first hand. One of the longest running home brew clubs in the world, KCBM are more than just a club. They are a family. Members have been part of the club for a couple of years up to 20 years, plus. It was fun overhearing the memories everyone talked about from the beginnings to now. And everyone was so nice. Not only nice, but warm. I never once felt like I was less than or out of place. The competition lasts all week, but Saturday is THE day - there are two sessions of judging, a guest speaker, banquet, and the awards ceremony. When I first walked in, the first session of judging was just about to start. Each session had about 60 judges, some stayed for both sessions and there were some new faces that came for the seco