WOW! This year is flying by!

So there are a few cool things happening this month that deserve their own blog post.

This week, Wednesday May 1 Big Rip releases Lost in Santa Carla. A saison scale up by Dyon Harper, a member of the KC Bier Meisters who has been home brewing since 2016.

Dyon's first home brew was a malted milk stout and from there, he hasn't stopped! Dyon entered Big Rip's scale up competition last year, October 2018, and shortly after he was notified that he won. On March 26th this year Dyon, Bri, and a few others joined up to brew this delicious saison!

If you didn't get a chance to try it at Parkville MicroBrew Fest this past weekend, definitely try it starting this Wednesday! You will really enjoy it! It was the first keg to blow on Saturday, by the way ;)

Dyon will also be there, so be sure to soak up all the knowledge he has to offer :)

* Brew & Chew at East Forty May 4th
* Fungi & Fermentation Fest at Powell Gardens May 4th
* Str…

Drink for GOOD!

Have you heard of The Don Bosco Centers here in Kansas City? They have two centers, their Senior Center and their ESL School.
Their Senior Center helps our local senior citizens by giving them a place to meet with friends, providing health check ups, housing assistance, as well as hot meals both at the center and to their home via Meals on Wheels.
The ESL School helps recent immigrants and refugees with learning English and career/trade skills. 
Unfortunately, The Don Bosco Centers took a pretty big hit this winter and had to close eleven times. This left them with a hefty hole in their budget. 
This is where YOU can help! The Don Bosco Centers is hosting a fundraiser May 4th. They will have a bus that travels to four different breweries for free beer and a good time! Who doesn't love either of those things?!
Tickets are $75 but are limited! They can be purchased here. Breweries included are Strange Days Brewing Co., Cinder Block Brewing Co., Brewery Emperial, and Stockyards Brew…

Snake Saturday!

This weekend is St. Patrick's Day, with Saturday being Snake Saturday!!

I believe *most* places have announced what they're doing this week so I thought maybe it would be a bit easier to list out all the events on Saturday now than to wait - so you can plan accordingly, of course! :)

There is SO MUCH going on, on Saturday - celebrations, beer festivals, and a new brewery opening!

Here we gooo!

* HopCat St. Patrick's weekend party - you will need tickets
* Happy Basset Brewing - opens at 6am: breakfast, photo booth, ping pong table, and music at 7pm
* Big Rip - opens at 8am: breakfast ($5, RSVP), special tappings, music, and NO COVER
* Cinder Block - opens at 9am: $3 or $10 cover, music, special food menu, and beer
* Velo Garage - opens at 9am: beer specials
* Grain to Glass - opens at 9am: $5 cover & $20 for parking, beer/food specials
* Iron Rail Brewing - opens at 9am
* East Forty Brewing - opens at 9:15am for the parade in Blue Springs: food & beer/cocktail spec…

W.A.S.P - Women Air Force Service Pilots

I am SO excited for an upcoming brew at Callsign Brewing Co., W.A.S.P! It is a waffle inspired ale. And it tastes really good!

Last year I partnered with Flying Saucer to help start Women's Night Out. We wanted to create a safe space that introduced more women into the craft beer community. The beer world is not just a man's world; there are plenty of women who drink, brew, and support beer.

Women's Night Out is a monthly meet up, every second Monday. One of Flying Saucer's managers leads the open discussions and educates our group on certain beer focused topics. We enjoy flights, appetizers, and each other's company. During our meeting in December, we talked about possibly doing a collaboration beer with a local brewery. We also started our Facebook group - Women's Night Out at Flying Saucer.

One of my friends, Chandra Sirois, co-owner of Callsign Brewing Co. took a leap and invited our group to brew a beer at her brewery. When she posted that I was so excited…

2019 Beer Fests!

So I had posted a list on our Facebook page, but it has since gotten lost amongst the other posts.

There have been a few beer festivals that have already occurred since the start of the year, but there are still SO MANY to attend the rest of the year!!

MO Beer Fest
Cass County Beer Fest
Snake Saturday
March 23: 
Blarney Brew Off

April 4: 
Forks & Corks
April 6:
Spring Fling
April 7:
Brew to Brew
April 18:
Air Capital Bacon & Beer Fest (Park City)
April 25:
Craft & Compassion (LFK)
April 27:
Parkville Brew Fest
Kegs N Eggs
Utepils (Lenexa)

May 4:
East Forty presents Brew & Chew
Fungi & Fermentation Fest (Powell Gardens)
May 11:
Caturday Pub Crawl (Crossroads)
Strother District Beer Fest (Lee's Summit, MO)
May 18: 
Nano Brew Fest
May 19:
Tour de Bier
Beer Paws Pub Crawl

June 1:
Get Ripped
KC Spring Brew Fest
Brew at the Zoo (Topeka)
June 15:
Boulevardia/Taps & Taste
June 29:
Crossroads Beer Fest

August 3:
Hip Hops Hooray
August 10:
Unico Microbrew Fest
August 24:

Kansas City Bier Meisters, more than just a club

Six months of planning, organizing, and anticipation comes to end during the Kansas City Bier Meisters competition. This year was the KCBM 36th Annual competition - yes 36 years, and it was such an honor to come out Saturday to Crane Brewing to check it all out first hand.

One of the longest running home brew clubs in the world, KCBM are more than just a club. They are a family. Members have been part of the club for a couple of years up to 20 years, plus. It was fun overhearing the memories everyone talked about from the beginnings to now. And everyone was so nice. Not only nice, but warm. I never once felt like I was less than or out of place.

The competition lasts all week, but Saturday is THE day - there are two sessions of judging, a guest speaker, banquet, and the awards ceremony. When I first walked in, the first session of judging was just about to start. Each session had about 60 judges, some stayed for both sessions and there were some new faces that came for the second sess…

NYE - be safe!

Hey all!

I know it's been awhile since I last posted on the blog, but I feel that today is as good as any to talk about drinking and driving.

Since it is NYE and either you're off work and starting early or going out tonight, you should make sure you have a designated driver. If you think you're going to be drinking at all, have a DD. You don't want to have a bad start to 2019.

Which brings me to earlier this year. The beginning of March, I got a DUI. I had attended a beer fest in Lawrence, told myself I wouldn't drink that much but unfortunately I drank that much and then decided to drive back home, to KCMO.

I made an incredibly stupid decision.

Want to know how much a DUI costs? Let me break it down for you:

Bail - $500
Lawyer fees - $2000 (still owe $396)
Diversion fees - $310
8 hour drug/alcohol class - $150
Diversion monitor - $150
MADD victim panel - $40
Interlock - $70/month
UA's - $16 (each time you go)
Restricted license - $100

So far, I have paid $319…