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August is almost over...

Wild how fast this summer has gone, only two more weeks of August left!! And guess what... soon you'll be able to purchase our beer calendar, Tap Tour 2019! I am so excited!!! Anyway, here is your look ahead for what's up this week in the Kansas City beer community! 21 August, Tuesday: * Trivia: - Free State Brewing - Crane Brewing - Waldo Pizza (Waldo) - Grains & Taps * Festbier release party at KCBC 5-10pm * Music trivia at Bier Station 22 August, Wednesday:  * Trivia: - iTap - HopCat - Mockingbird Lounge * Live music Bier Station * BLVD Wheat specials at The Landing Eatery and Pub * Halfway Point rally party at Grains & Taps 3-10pm * Local's night at Crane Brewing * The KC Live live podcast featuring Nate Sellergren from Dogfish Head at Colony 6pm * Wine vs Beer dinner featuring Rock & Run Brewery / E&J Gallo Winery 6:30pm - NEED TICKETS/RESERVATIONS * Siebel beer presentation at Casual Animal Brewing 6:30ppm * Double Shift gr