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·         Eighth annual KCNanobrew Fest. Berkley Riverfront Park, 2pm – 6pm : This festival is dedicated to the KC local home brewers; allowing them to showcase what they have been mixing and mashing, and you get to sample all of it! This is your chance to taste the incredible beers only these Kansas City brewers can offer, do not miss out! ·         Seventh annual Westport Beer Fest. WestportKC, 5pm – 9pm : Once you’ve had your fill at KC Nanobrew, head on down to Westport for their beer festival! Hosted by Beer KC and Sporting Kansas City, sample beer from the 35 breweries that will be pouring. There will be several local and non-local breweries in set up, so be sure to try them all!  (Please follow the links for more information and to purchase tickets) Saturday is completely covered for you. Don’t forget to eat and drink plenty of water if you are going to one or both of these festivals! And also, drink responsibly! 

Drink for a Cause!

Two of our many breweries are giving back to our community THIS weekend! Friday June 23rd from 2pm - 10pm, Crane Brewing will host The Longest Day in their taproom. They will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to the Alzheimer's Association! Sunday June 25th from 1pm - 4pm, Red Crow Brewing will host a Family Funday Sunday to raise donations for Rett Syndrome. They are going to have lots of activities for your tiniest family members and you can bring your dog!  It is always wonderful to see our beer community helping great causes, like the two above.  Come out to either (or both) of these events and have a great time!! We'll see you there! Cheers!


Thank you, everyone, who has followed/liked/shared/interacted with us. Thank you for helping us grow! A few events coming up: * June 8th, 2017: Martin City Brewing Company is doing a tap takeover at BDs Taproom and Growler Filling Station (Independence, MO) * June 15th, 2017: KC Girl's Pint Out happy hour at Torn Label Brewing Co (Kansas City, MO/crossroads district) Please keep checking back for more local events promoting our local breweries! 

Who are we?

You might be wondering, “Who are these people? What do they do for fun, etc." or you might not. But, let us introduce ourselves... *** My name is Alana (pronounced ‘A-lawn-a’; Thanks, Mom!). I am 32, I have two kids (8 & 6) and two cats (17 & 10). I'm just your average cat lady who likes beer and her city.  I am originally from Salina, KS. I left Salina when I was 19 and have lived in Kansas City ever since. Though I was not raised here, KC is my home. My heart is here.  My favorite styles of beer are stouts, porters, quads, triples, and sours. I'm not a huge fan of IPAs but I will try them - I want to like them so badly but it’s that bitter/piney aftertaste that I just can't handle.  I love discovering new places, things in Kansas City like little boutiques, locally owned restaurants, breweries. First Fridays are a great example - it introduces you to so many people and what they offer, but it's only dipping a toe in what this city is about.  Look for me o

Where to find us!

Our pages: Twitter: @eleventhreeKC Facebook: @eleventhreeKC Instagram: @eleventhreeKC Follow us, share us, like us, stalk us...You know the drill :) And interact with us! Let us know what you like and we can help you find something similar that is here in Kansas City!

Eleven Three KC

So you're probably searching online and happened to come across either our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or this blog. What is this? Who are they? What is going on?!?! Well, let us help you. We are Eleven Three KC (11 3 KC). We are Josh and Alana, two Kansas City locals who love beer. We drink it, we buy it, we make it. And we want to share it with you. Not what we've made, well, not yet at least. *wink* See, the Kansas City (craft) beer scene is growing and expanding so much we want to introduce this world to the beer drinker. There are approximately 19 breweries around Kansas City and many, many individual home brewers. Whoa! SO MUCH BEER I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START!! That's where we come in. We will be posting on our social media pages beer things around town. We want to share this experience with you, the beer drinker. Maybe you will find something that you absolutely love, maybe we will help you get out and explore more of your city, maybe it will make you