Pour your own...

Have you ever gone to a casino to just drink beer and/or eat delicious food? No? You should.

We were invited to experience 99 Hops House at the Argosy Casino in Riverside, MO recently. Unfortunately my cohort was unable to join me so I extended the invite to our local beer community of those who also hadn't been there.

Tyler and myself met around 4:30pm on Thursday (December 14th). We were greeted by Eric Flanagan, the restaurant manager and Certified Cicerone, and the bartenders Sheri and Carl. Eric explained what they offered - pour your own beer, bottles in the back and cooler, as well as the various beers on draft, their crowler machine, and of course the menu of delicious foods.

We stuck with appetizers for the evening. And honestly, I forgot to snap some pictures of what we had ordered. It was all so delicious and I was busy stuffing my face. But we tried the cheese curds, the deviled eggs, and the brisket nachos that had this side avocado salsa you can pour on top of the nachos. Everything was so good!

Tyler and I started with one of the bottles from Prairie that they just got in. We then moved our way to the beer wall - super easy to use and Carl made sure to explain to us that when you put your card in, the taps are to the right not the left. Prices were very reasonable when pouring your own and on the 'beer wall' beer list they do list crowler prices for you (super helpful).

As we were sitting there enjoying ourselves, the bar started to get busier. One thing I noticed about everyone, they were happy. No one was waiting long for service. The restaurant was well lit and really clean. And the staff was very knowledgeable about everything 99 Hops House offered.

Eric has been with 99 Hops House for almost two years and makes most of the decisions on which kegs they will purchase to tap, etc. Speaking more with him we learned that he personally trains all of the bartenders and teaches them about beer. That was really refreshing to hear. One thing I overhear a lot while out is how (craft) beer drinkers go to bars/restaurants and the service doesn't have much understanding about the craft beers.

Another thing that was asked - will you be able to take your beer from 99 Hops House out on the casino floor? Well, it is something they are looking into. Stay tuned ;)

I really enjoyed my time at 99 Hops House. The food was delicious, great selection of beers, and the service was top notch! Go visit! Drink their beer, eat their food, and have a great time!

Thank you Tyler for joining me on this fun experience and to all of 99 Hops House for your hospitality.


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