I'm with Larry

Yesterday morning we had the opportunity to have a sneak peek at Lawrence Beer Co.

So we get up early to adventure out to Lawrence, KS. It's pouring down rain! We make it to the car and are SOAKED. Text Matt and tell him we'll be a little late as we weren't expecting these rain forest type showers. Get to Lawrence - not a drop on the ground, dry as a bone, and sunny skies. Go figure. Ha! :)

Anyway, we drive through Lawrence to LBCo. and at one point I thought maybe my maps app had put us on the wrong path as we were driving through a neighborhood, but as we make it towards the end of the street we know we are at the right place.

The building is beautiful. All original brick from when the building went up in the 1900's. Everyone is inside and out finishing up final touches, working hard and busting ass.

The reclaimed wood used for the tables and chairs is amazing. Huge space in the taproom, great looking bar, drop ceilings, and the patio is going to be SO BIG! They have really turned this space into a great hangout spot! And then Matt took us downstairs where employees will get to hang out and it's just as inviting as the upstairs.

Lawrence Beer Co is opening THIS FRIDAY with a super fun party with the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones and Ska Brewing. Get your tickets here!

Their taproom will offer 12-14 rotating taps with one dedicated for guest taps. Their specialty's will be Pale Ales and IPAs.

They are also building 14 apartments above their taproom that will have a private terrace that only the tenants can use.

What made us more charmed with Lawrence Beer Co. is how dedicated to community they are. They are creating this space in a neighborhood; wanting it to be a location people can come to and hang out, have dinner with their families, and have fun.

We cannot wait to enjoy brew or two out at LBCo! Thank you, Matt, for the quick tour!!


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