Eleven Three KC

So you're probably searching online and happened to come across either our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or this blog. What is this? Who are they? What is going on?!?!

Well, let us help you.

We are Eleven Three KC (11 3 KC). We are Josh and Alana, two Kansas City locals who love beer. We drink it, we buy it, we make it. And we want to share it with you. Not what we've made, well, not yet at least. *wink*

See, the Kansas City (craft) beer scene is growing and expanding so much we want to introduce this world to the beer drinker. There are approximately 19 breweries around Kansas City and many, many individual home brewers.

Whoa! SO MUCH BEER I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START!! That's where we come in. We will be posting on our social media pages beer things around town. We want to share this experience with you, the beer drinker. Maybe you will find something that you absolutely love, maybe we will help you get out and explore more of your city, maybe it will make you want to start brewing your own beer.

We also want to help the brewer. We want to get your name out there. Expand your audience, help you gain new regulars.

Join us, one brew at a time!

~11 3 KC (Josh & Alana)


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