When four become one, great things happen!

Last night we had the honor of being invited for a sneak peek of Stockyards Brewing Co and Kelly's Westport Inn's County Clare Irish Red Ale. It is delicious. Smooth, flavorful, definitely easy to drink but also light coming in at 5.5% abv.

Kelly's Westport Inn is celebrating their 70th anniversary this Thursday (August 31st) at 7pm. They wanted to celebrate it with giving back to our community. Kelly's partnered with Stockyards along with Normal Human and The HALO Foundation. Kelly's and Stockyards collaborated and created County Clare, Normal Human created fun shirts, and proceeds will benefit The HALO Foundation.

Nick and Chris (Kelly's Westport Inn) had approached Micah and Greg (Stockyards) with the idea back in April. Everyone agreed and the ball started rolling. At first they wanted to do a small batch, but decided to brew more. This means that County Clare will be more accessible in Kansas City and proceeds from these kegs will go towards The Halo Foundation.

The HALO Foundation is a non-profit that helps homeless children around Kansas City, and happen to be conveniently settled upstairs above Stockyards Brewing. They have been helping homeless kids around town with housing, healing, and education. They start with therapeutic art and move towards life skills/education. Speaking with Nicole (COO of HALO) about the foundation and the partnership with Kelly's, Stockyards, and Normal Human was inspiring! She loves what she does and is so grateful for everyone coming together for such a great cause. For more information about The HALO Foundation, please click here!

Fun Fact: County Clare is where the original Kelly's family is from; hence County Clare Irish Red Ale. :)

See you 7pm Thursday at Kelly's Westport Inn! Cheers!!


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