W.A.S.P - Women Air Force Service Pilots

I am SO excited for an upcoming brew at Callsign Brewing Co., W.A.S.P! It is a waffle inspired ale. And it tastes really good!

Last year I partnered with Flying Saucer to help start Women's Night Out. We wanted to create a safe space that introduced more women into the craft beer community. The beer world is not just a man's world; there are plenty of women who drink, brew, and support beer.

Women's Night Out is a monthly meet up, every second Monday. One of Flying Saucer's managers leads the open discussions and educates our group on certain beer focused topics. We enjoy flights, appetizers, and each other's company. During our meeting in December, we talked about possibly doing a collaboration beer with a local brewery. We also started our Facebook group - Women's Night Out at Flying Saucer.

One of my friends, Chandra Sirois, co-owner of Callsign Brewing Co. took a leap and invited our group to brew a beer at her brewery. When she posted that I was so excited! We got together and talked about the idea, a recipe, flavor profile, etc. Getting our group together to be part of this, I feel, will help to show more of what goes on behind the scenes and possibly add confidence to anyone wanting to brew on their own at home.

Towards the end of February Chandra and one of the brewers at Callsign brewed a five gallon test batch, to see how everything turned out beforehand. AND WOW! It is delicious! With victory malts, golding hops, maple syrup, and vanilla (to name a few ingredients) it smells and tastes just like a toasted Eggo waffle! This ale is sweet and light, so you can have more than one. I am SO proud of Chandra, she did an amazing job.

Chandra chose W.A.S.P as the name for this beer to honor the Women Air Force Service Pilots of WWII. If you would like more information on W.A.S.P, go here.

You can try this test batch on March 16th during Snake Saturday weekend at Callsign. And while you're there, be sure to check out the other brews and beer cocktails that they have on!

I cannot wait for our big brew day at the end of the month and to work alongside Chandra on this tasty beer.

If you would like to know more about Women's Night Out at Flying Saucer, come out tomorrow night for our March meeting at 7pm! All women are welcome :)


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