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Two more weeks until Halloween!!

So we tried something new at getting information out about events and beer releases, but I don't think it went over too well... So, back to what we were previously doing to let you all know what's up! :) 

This week:
Tuesday, Oct 17th: * Continue the birthday celebrations at Red Crow Brewery (16th-29th)
* New Brew release at Rock & Run Brewery Creamsicle Nitro (11-close)
* Martin City Brewing Co's Alchemy Stout is BACK! Tapping today at The Burger Stand at the Casbah in Lawrence (3-6pm, happy hour)
* Pints for the Victory Project; celebrate SKC at Boulevard (5-7pm)
* The Business of Beer with Boulevard (5:30-8pm, will need tickets)
* Pig & Finch beer dinner w/Crane Brewing (6:30-10pm, will need tickets)
* Torn Label Tap Takeover at Tapcade NKC (7-11pm)
* Yankee Tank & Port Fonda LFK beer dinner (beginning at 7pm)
Wednesday, Oct 18th: * Rye IPA tapping at Border Brewing (4-9pm)
* MCBC Alchemy happy hour at Bier Station (4-7pm)
* Free shirt night at Grains at Taps …