Parlor KC

Last Saturday I had the amazing opportunity to try out Parlor. A new restaurant concept opening THIS FRIDAY in the Crossroads - 17th and Locust, behind Double Shift ;)

It was quite the experience! Seven different restaurants to choose from, two full service bars (one upstairs and one downstairs), several areas to relax, an awesome patio upstairs, and beautiful murals throughout.

I had a great time, to say the least. The food. WOW! Incredible. There is something for everyone's tastes there, even my kids' who can be pretty picky.

Let's start with the downstairs.
When you walk in you are greeted with lovely hosts but also great sitting spaces to just hang out, relax, enjoy. To the right is the living room area. There's a fantastic fireplace with great seating. To the left is more of a lounge/den type area, more seating but also fun pictures of local Kansas Citian's plus books, maps, shirts, and hats.

If you walk down the hall from the den area you'll go past the bathrooms but also an area where you can bring in your laptop and do some work, if you wanted.  If you walk towards the back from the living room area you'll walk past one of the bars that is housed at Parlor. Fun cocktails and a great beer list!

Towards the back you will see three of the seven restaurants.
- Providence Pizza. Pizza! Who doesn't love pizza?! It was delicious! I know when I bring my kids they will love this.
- Yaki Ya. Japanese style street food. The okonomiyaki is delicious there!
- Farm to Market Sandwich Co. Sandwiches. They were so good! I chose this salami, meat packed sandwich that had this delicious dijon spread. It was great.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Now onward, up the stairs!
When you walk up the stairs, you'll see several sitting areas and start smelling all the different smells from the other four of seven restaurants. You'll also find this second full service bar.

- Karbon KC. Mix of Turkish/Mexican street food. Those empanadas with the spicy salad....DROOL. The street corn was delicious as well.
- Vildhast. Scandinavian Street Food. WOW. Those sausages and with the kraut and that coffee style drink - yes please!
- Mother Clucker. Nashville style hot chicken. I did get the medium heat lol BUT the chicken was still delicious and the skin had that nice crunch!
- Sura Eats. Korean. This place won my heart. Their bibimbap beef was fantastic.

Upstairs you also have access to the patio. There is a beautiful mural painted on the wall that would kind of "show" you what you'd be looking at downtown if the wall wasn't there. But in a fun cartoon style. And all murals are done by local Kansas City artists. There's also a painting of Missouri's state fish, the catfish, and a bull upstairs around a sitting area.

Speaking with Davis, the owner, you can tell how passionate he is about what he's doing and every thought he has put into Parlor KC. It was so fun to talk with him about this concept! And heading up the marketing for Parlor KC is our own Kansas Citian, Kasim Hardaway.

I love all the little details throughout the building, the exposed brick, the thoughts behind everything, and of course all the different food choices. I wasn't able to bring my kids with me when I visited Parlor, but I told them about it the next day. When I mentioned we could all get something we love at one place their mouths dropped! "Pizza, sandwiches, sausages, WHAT!" haha They're pretty excited to visit.

It will be fun to see what they do in the future. I can see some wonderful beer dinners happening ;)

Parlor KC opens this Friday, September 21st. Family friendly, date friendly, alone time friendly, all over friendly! Visit Parlor KC this weekend, your new home away from home...but kind of better because you don't have to make dinner!

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