Drink for GOOD!

Have you heard of The Don Bosco Centers here in Kansas City? They have two centers, their Senior Center and their ESL School.

Their Senior Center helps our local senior citizens by giving them a place to meet with friends, providing health check ups, housing assistance, as well as hot meals both at the center and to their home via Meals on Wheels.

The ESL School helps recent immigrants and refugees with learning English and career/trade skills. 

Unfortunately, The Don Bosco Centers took a pretty big hit this winter and had to close eleven times. This left them with a hefty hole in their budget. 

This is where YOU can help! The Don Bosco Centers is hosting a fundraiser May 4th. They will have a bus that travels to four different breweries for free beer and a good time! Who doesn't love either of those things?!

Tickets are $75 but are limited! They can be purchased here. Breweries included are Strange Days Brewing Co., Cinder Block Brewing Co., Brewery Emperial, and Stockyards Brewing Co. Those who purchase tickets will meet the group at the Senior Center for pre-drinks and they will have drinks for everyone ON the bus as well! They will also provide some snacks.

Not only will you get plenty of drinks and have fun, but you'll be helping out a lot of people as well! Win-win!

So, instead of drinking for evil...how about we drink for good?? :) Cheers!


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