The Chive, Simply Good + Transparent Brewing tasting

Last night I had the most amazing dinner experience! And it has made me more excited for what is coming to our beer, and foodie, community!

I was invited to a Transparent Brewing Company and The Chive, Simply Good tasting - food and beer pairings. And I got to bring some friends!

This was Michelle's 34th tasting and she hasn't repeated a recipe yet! Michelle is the owner of The Chive, Simply Good and her son, Nolan, is the owner/lead brewer of Transparent Brewing Co. The cafe and taproom/brewery will be connected and opening in Grandview, MO.

I love The Chive, Simply Good's concept.  It is going to be farm to table, whichever food is in season is what will be served. Everything has been thought out to be environmentally friendly; plans of a rooftop garden, saving rain water for the bathrooms and watering the garden, having people bring in their own 'to-go' containers, etc.

On last night's menu was a sweet corn soup with roasted corn salsa, blackberry lime sage shrub spritzer, right off the vine tomato panzanella, squash blossom chive quiche, and raspberry currant frozen yogurt. It was all so delicious and every dish seemed to get better and better. The beers we tried from Transparent Brewing were the ESB and Oatmeal Stout. Both really good! I could drink that Oatmeal Stout all year!

So Transparent Brewing - why 'Transparent'? As Nolan explained, he tries to be transparent with everything he's doing. He plans to post recipes of his home brews online as well as to be as open with brewing as he can be.

Transparent Brewing/The Chive, Simply Good is going to be really fun. The building itself is really neat; they'll have outdoor games (bocci ball anyone?) AND a dog park! Yes you can take your beer over to the park so your four-legged friend can play, just don't leave them there unattended to refill your beers!

Thank you Michelle, Mark, and Nolan for the wonderful evening of food, beer, conversation, and wonderful evening!



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