Hey, there's a new kid in town!

Craft Republic. Have you heard of them yet? They just helped distribute/launch Double Shift Brewing Co. throughout the metro!

Craft Republic KC is made up of three fellas; Brian, TJ, and Joseph. These guys have a lot of knowledge in the craft beer field and are really kind.

Brian started Craft Republic STL after many, many years in the industry. Like all of us, he wanted to enjoy going to work and building relationships with people. So with the support from his wife, Craft Republic STL was born.

TJ and Joseph joined Brian in the KC expansion. TJ has been around the beer scene for many years, as well as Joseph. With their powers combined... No, they're not Captain Planet, but maybe more Captain Here-For-You.

After talking with Brian and TJ, what I got out of everything is quality over quantity. They want to bring more to you, more than just beer. They are always discovering new information to widen their craft knowledge. They want to help educate on the craft beer that you're drinking, they want to bring in great beer for you to drink, and they want to help make craft beer more accessible to you. Also,  they're not limiting themselves to just craft beer, but craft drinks in general (kombucha, cold brew, spirits, etc.).

With Craft Republic doing amazing things in STL with the team there, it was only right to start a team here in KC.

I am really excited for what Craft Republic is bringing to Kansas City and cannot wait to see what is next in their plan!

Get to know this team at any of the upcoming Double Shift Brewing Co. launches tonight at Waldo Pizza (Waldo) or Harry's Tavern next week!



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