Strange Days are upon us...

Last night we had the great opportunity to hang out with Nathan from Strange Days Brewing and let us tell you, he is one really great fella!

He was busy working away as we walked into the building. They are still in the construction phase of the brewery, but from listening to the ideas of the set up - it is going to be a fun new regular spot!

Strange Days Brewing is made up of three friends - Nathan, Chris, and Alec. They've been friends for awhile and together decided to take the leap. Nathan has been brewing for about 10 years, the other two for about half that time. They've participated in homebrew fests, like Nanobrew, and people really liked what they were putting out.

When they were first trying to decide on a location, they first were looking in Waldo. Which would have been great as we're kind of partial, it is our neighborhood too ;) But, with the help of the architect they had been working with, River Market came out ahead.

The building they are in is the old Muehlebach Brewery, which was in action from 1938 to 1956 when it was acquired by Schlitz and then ultimately shut down in 1973. There's some Kansas City history for you folks :)  Thanks to Strange Days, this building will be flowing with sweet nectar we call beer once again!

Their taproom is going to have a lot of open space with tables/chairs and a lounge area with couches to the side - with a few commemorative Muhlebach/Schlitz pieces up. They have a couple garage doors in front and on the sidewalk in front of those, they'll have a patio. And for you with puppers, they may be able to enjoy some fun at the brewery too!

They're planning on having about six to eight taps on with a few that will be their flagships. Their style of beers will be more global focused with the ingredients being local and global as well.

Being they will be open in the River Market, they will have earlier open hours on weekends - mainly for early morning soccer games. But it will also give people a place to stop and relax before or after all the shopping in City Market.

Check them out at the City Market's Total Eclipse Watch Party August 21st, they'll have a tent down their with some free beer samples. And if you're also out and about in the area, stop in and have a chat with Strange Days!

We are looking forward to their progress and cannot wait for them to open!


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