We had our first giveaway!

FREE STUFF?! What in tarnation!

From time to time we will be holding giveaways. Sometimes they will be free (limited time) beers and others it won't be.

Last Thursday we went to Crane Brewing Company's Tiki Night where they were serving two limited beers - Pain Killer and Zombie Ale. Two very tasty brews that were their beer interpretation of tiki cocktails.

We purchased a crowler of each of these refreshing, citrus beers for our first giveaway. YUM!

On Saturday we drew our first winner - Zach Clifford and delivered him the goods on Monday, just in time for the Fourth of July!

Stay tuned into ElevenThree KC (instagram, facebook, and twitter) because we have more for you -more updates, reviews, and giveaways!!

Cheers everyone!



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