Cheese + Beer, say what!!

I know, cheese & beer doesn't sound like your typical pairing. Usually it's cheese & wine, right?

Last night I was invited to a Cabot Creamery and beer pairing at International Tap House - Crossroads, and I have been converted to a believer! Cheese and beer go together!

Cabot Creamery is delicious. They've been around our Kansas City market for awhile now and you can find Cabot Cheese at Price Chopper, Hy-Vee, Hen House, Wal-Mart, and Costco!

Next year Cabot Creamery will celebrate 100 years and they've recently been voted in the top 25 cheeses in Bon Appetit! Also, their cheddar cheese is lactose-free!! 

Ok, so the cheeses...there was Horseradish, Extra Sharp, Seriously Sharp, and Habanero! All delicious. 

Jon from iTap paired all of these cheeses with a tasty beer where each would compliment the other, and he did it perfectly. He also provided some insight as to why the cheese and beer go together so well.  

The beers paired with the cheeses: 
Civil Life brown ale + Horseradish cheese
Ayinger Celebrator + Seriously Sharp
St. Bernardus Tripel + Extra Sharp
Boulevard The Calling + Habanero 

Everything was great. The Horseradish and Habanero pairings were my favorite. The Horseradish cheese was nice and creamy. The Habanero was HOT and took away that piney bitter taste in IPAs that I am not a fan of.

It was a great learning experiencing and I cannot wait to find these cheeses at my local grocery! 

Thank you Alex for setting this up and thank you Jon for your beer expertise! 


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